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Lifting People Up

Art of Self-Esteem, Inc. in Brooklyn, NY focuses on the different aspects of the well-being of its beneficiaries. Every single person on our team—including the board, staff, volunteers, and partners—pledges to support the development of resources, programs, and opportunities.


We want everyone who works with us to build up their self-esteem. To do this, we make use of multidisciplinary arts. Our staff makes sure everyone finds something to help them boost their confidence.


Children, teens, and young adults who range from ages 10 to 25 are given the chance to learn life skills and other useful tools. We do this through weekly one- to two-hour meetings. Our meet-ups also include intervention and prevention workshops.


We teach the values of leadership, self-expression, and working relationships to our participants. This is done to help each one of them become community leaders in their neighborhoods and the greater society.


Our staff makes sure that there is continuous development so that strong teams are formed. We do this to make sure that everyone receives the focus and attention that they deserve.


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